The fight between heart and mind

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How life works

Jolly headline, hey? :o) No worries, I do not want to tell you how life works. Obviously I couldn´t do that. All of us are living their own lifes. At least it should be like that. Otherwise it could be sore, because at the end of one´s days one possibly would look back at one´s own life and think, sh.. man, what have I done? Because I always wanted to be kind, wanted to please everyone else, wanted to answer the expectations of my parents and the whole society? Whatever the reason might be. Everyone of us got to decide on his own how far he is able and willing to free himself from the wishes and expectations of the others to move off on his own personal way. This is definitely not easy, but Chris and I know that it pays. It frees. And especially makes happy. This at least we can confirm :o)

Because there once was this one moment as of now about 7 years ago when I have been quite sad as the situation has basically been sad. At that time a person that is very close to us had been lying in coma and the doctors did not know whether his days had been counted already… in this situation I thought about my own end and asked myself what would happen if I looked back on my life. Would there be enough moments I could be proud of, because I followed my dreams and tried at least to fulfill myself the most of them? In this situation I wished for myself to still have enough time left to be able at the end to answer myself this question with a smile on my face saying “Yes”.

Do you know that? Deep inside yourself there are snoozing quite a few wishes and dreams. There are some being louder, others sometimes being quieter. They lively rotate with one another and are actually only waiting for one thing. Thereupon that we finally say Yes to them. Are you familiar with that?

Chris and I are having there a great great wish deeply inside ourselfs for a very long time already to which we now finally said yes some time ago. From January on it can happen! And how funny. Everything in us and around us seems to fall in line with it. We sense literally how everything comes together to fulfill this one great wish the closer we come to the set point of time.

Bam! There it is. The one big forefinger that says, “No, no, this is not going to be so easy as it all. I also have a say in the matter!” Well, who do you think says this? The heart or the mind?

Cause in this moment when you decide yourself for one way all of a sudden it happens something. At least we can study that very clearly with a smile on our lips in our own life. In this moment all of sudden, peculiar as it is, another wishful dream arises totally out of the blue which is certainly very important for us as well, but hasn´t got that much to do with our hearts like the other which we put in first place. No, all of a sudden there comes in another one which is also a wish of our hearts on the one hand, but in our opion could gladly wait a few days longer as the other one that we put in the first place is weighing much heavier in us. In this moment the second prize winner tries to whisper in our ears that he has not got any time anymore to wait any longer for us and tries to convince this to us in a quite strong manner with the arguments that are being brought to us from the outside. This is the moment when we should remember which wish really comes first in our lifes. You betcha!

Cause the trick is that the second prize winner does not want to give up so easily, but tries very hard to put our decision on the test. Because all of a sudden there are coming in very attractive proposals from the left and the right on which we were waiting for so long as well already and he begins to rub his hands: “Hahaha, now we are going to see who has got the longest breath!”. Chris and I have got to laugh, because we think, we cannot believe it! You decide yourself for the one thing and already there comes the other of which you also have been waiting for so long to convert you to it´s column and saying, Hey, here am I, take me! Isn´t that crazy? :o)

Luckily Chris and I are at one with each other. Even if the second wish comes with it´s wonderful for us blinking eyes to convert us on it´s column. The first prize winner stays where it is. Because this wish for us cannot be balanced out with any money of the world.

“The greatest gift of all” – Foto: © Chris Manteufel

What did MC Rene told us this morning with his song >>Mein Leben ist ein Freestyle<<:

“Never sell your soul for money, do not listen to your mind only to your heart”

Thanks, Rene, this is what we are going to do, no matter how loud our minds will be crying for us :o)

Give it a listen for all who also wants to be free and happy :o) Remember, 100 % never excist! :o)

We wish you all a wonderful pre-Christmas season with the quietness to be able to get clear in your minds about what you absolutely and truthfully really wish yourselfs from the bottom of your hearts :o)

Lots of love,

your photographers Chris & Tania




Text author: © Tania Manteufel

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