Chris and Tania Manteufel

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Hi, we are Chris and Tania.

Photography is our life. Once a dream, reality today.

In October, 2008, Tania started the business as a photo artist on her own first. Our goal has been from the beginning on that Chris also would one day be able to attend himself thoroughly to his photography. On January 1st, 2014, we had been able to let this goal become real and are both now full-time artistically working photographers.

Since the realization of our dream in October, 2008, we look back on an exciting time full of adventures and big changes. Both of us hung up our until then practised jobs to walk our further way together in self-employment. At that time none of us had known what working independently really means at all. Also within our families or friends we had noone to ask about it. The more exciting it had been to though take our chance and ever since accept full responsibility for all our decisions ourselfs. Decisions that have already brought us on our way until here. Optimistically and with faith in God at our hearts we now are looking in the direction of the future and forward to many many more great adventures.

At this point we would like to express our from the bottom of our hearts coming thanks to the dear God and all the humans we were allowed to encounter on our way up to now who always brought us a very good piece further by their ways of being or their concisely words.

Tania Manteufel, native of Schleswig-Holstein

In the year of 2000 I had been in search of a purpose that should not only bring joy to myself but also to others. At this time I still had been working in my skilled trade as a legal and notary assistant in a well-known law office in one of Hamburg´s most popular areas called Alsterviertel. The job that initially still brought much joy to me became in the course of time more and more dry to me. So I remembered that I always had been wished for doing something creative. An intensive search for my new task began.

Through a dream which I received from the dear God one night as an answer to my prayers the photography came to me and I had been immediately delighted. Borrowed the camera of a friend and began for the first time to really “see” what I was capturing. 7 long years of an intensive involvement with the photography should move until I have been prepared to offer my photography as a self-employed photographer.

I love to capture the different humans in all their facets with my camera, to display them as they really are. Thereby I search to present the particular in everyone and believe that every human contains this particular within themself. To receive the gift of being trusted to uncover this with my camera fulfills me with great thankfulness and joy.

Born between the oceans I have always loved the sea and dreamt already as a child of my own little wooden hut at the beach. Without knowing that my way would indeed lead me to the sea I met Chris in a photographer´s forum in 2007. My love to him brought me to the Baltic Sea in Nordwestmecklenburg, my new home. Ever since I am also able to live here at least my love for the nature.

My very heartly thanks to all the humans who dared yet themselfes infront of my camera and the in my eyes very great photographer, Inge Techau, who had been back in that time and still is a great excample to me. Inge Techau had been able at all times to get the best out of the humans without loosing a lot of words for it. And she has also been the one who strengthen me through her encouraging words to take the step into the photography.

Chris Manteufel, native of Mecklenburg

My employment history led me first from electrician to optician. Both professional trainings I passed successfully with the journeyman´s exam to at the end be though not working in none of both professions. Instead I landed as a career jumper in the graphics department of a textile printing company which prints merchandise products for well-known customers. Through my intrest in photography and image processing I had been able over the years to develop there myself a very good and interesting position.

In my childhood I had not yet cared two figs about photography. Solely through my father, who has liked to capture the family gladly and a lot, I had known that something like a camera excists at all. Only at the age of 21 I myself began to get interested in photography and wished myself a little camera for Christmas. My love for photography was awoken.

It is still in my head that my father once had considered my pictures and asked me whether I would not like to also earn once money with it. At this time I would not by a long shot have thought to turn my hobby into a career. All the more beautiful I find today the thought that my father back then might have known it already.

The encounter with Tania made the combination perfect. Only photograhers can understand how one can be occupied with capturing the bee on the flower for ages.

Tania and Chris Manteufel, freelance artistically working photographers

We both think that the foundation for our way had already been made in our childhood. Both of us always loved to draw gladly and a lot in our childhoods. Never out of our fantasies but always the things as we saw them, from children and comic figures via humans through to animals and the natural world. Both of us had been lucky to commit the things we saw to paper or to other materials. Even today Tania gladly in this connection recalls with a smile on her face a situation where she and her classmates were once supposed to sketch the hair they have examined under the microscope in their biology class. With joy I drew the hair together with root and scalp piece all-over the entire A4 sheet whereas my classmates put it on paper in the size of the object slide. When our teacher came to me and saw my drawing he said to me “Yes, you should do something with art”. Still today I am very thankful for this sentence.

The ability to see the things as they are is benefitting us today in our photography. Today we do not commit the things we see with pencil or paintbrush but with the help of our cameras and the following digital image processing that gives us again and again new undreamt-of possibilities to give our images the expression that we did not only see with our eyes but also with our hearts.

Even after our long-term self-educated preparation of our photography our drive for further development of our own photographically skills remains unfulfilled up to the present day and this is also how it should be in the future. We are happy to always stay open for the new and glady again and again take thankfully new challenges to be able to further grow.

artistically underwater photography water nymphs fantastically dreamy underwater photographsCommanding the courage from the beginning on to follow our hearts on our own way has let us stay open to develop our own sight.

Working artistically means for us to work purely according to our feeling and also to always have to stand in a certain creative flow for the current work.

Art though is a word for us which we in terms of our works always readily spell a little bit smaller since art also always lies in the eye of the beholder. Do we though receive the response of a beholder that we affected him or her in a way with our works and made him or her happy with it, this is the greatest gift for us and fulfills us with great thankfulness and humility.

A classical three-year photographical training we did not followed up and also did not graduated from photographical studies. Our teachers had always been and still are the dear God, the life, the nature, flora and fauna as well as the humans we daily encounter.

We are both happily married to each other and thankful parents of a wonderful son. We love life, photography, the ocean, good food and Ireland. The most important thing for us besides our love for photography is to enjoy precious lifetime with our family.


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